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I don’t know what’s better.  Her reaction, or the guy creeping in the door.

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Guys eventually forget that there are other niggas that would love to get at their girl; That’s why ‘all gotta show her off, be proud of her and be like yea that’s MY girl. Niggas would love to be in your place, appreciate what you have while you still got it.

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Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

This is very important. I’m glad both of them had this moment. Raven has been working and grinding longer than most of us have been able to talk and walk. She deserves all the praises.

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“I guess”

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“My mom taught me something about relationships when I was growing up. She told me to never be the one to love the other person more. I always thought that was odd. That was until I saw how my mom loved my dad more and let him leave bruises on her skin. That was until I found my best friend drunk, bleeding on her bathroom floor, because the boy she loved more broke her heart and left. That’s why when I start to fall I catch myself. I don’t want to be the one to love more because I’ve seen what that does to people. Oh, but god do I love you more.”

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“Just tell me how you fucking feel.”


this is how I would doctor

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do you ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes

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Do you ever get like super vulnerable late at night that you just want to spill your heart out and say how you feel because you’ve been holding it in for so long and you just need some ventilation and there’s just something about two in the morning that makes me lose my filter and say the things I would never have the guts to say when the sun is up.

the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day


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I don’t think I can do any of these.

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“You scare me,” he said. “why?” she asked. “Because I tell you things I can’t even tell myself.”

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but you left me.


but you left me.

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